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CIRCE theatre e.V. understands theatre not as an event but as a decision and an action that brings people together and lets them grow beyond themselves. We offer our network, our know-how and our platform to people who share our values and want to make theatre. 

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Where does art come from and where does an idea begin? As time progresses, we are looking forward to sharing some more of our thoughts and ideas with you here.

"The Silenced Symphony" - a theatre production funded by bthvn2020/21

What happens when a conflict falls on deaf ears? How does a symphony turn silent? Inspired by the late deafness and humanistic vision of the great composer, CIRCE theatre e.V. makes Beethoven's music the main character in "The Silenced Symphony", a music-theatre play in English. The play will be performed at the Brotfabrik Bonn and at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh.

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'tis true that...

...a good play needs no epilogue. (William Shakespeare)

“An Evening on Loneliness”
26 and 27 June 2020

None of us is as alone as we think.
Five people share their experiences of the last three months. A woman finds out that a rodent has moved into her wall and now speaks up every night. A young man tells of the lion that lives with him and is far too often on his doorstep. A poet tells a magical fairy tale about a great love in which nothing is as it seems. 

CIRCE theatre presents an evening on loneliness,
about the power of music and the power of theatre.
A living chronicle about a special time.
With a new song by Clara Clasen.