lifting the curtain

current project

"The Silenced Symphony"

9-10 July 2021

If we are lucky, there is someone in our lives who gives us room for our “Sturm und Drang”, who keeps up with our pace, who experiences ups and downs with us, with whom we can simply be. If we are lucky, there is someone in our lives who knows us better than we know ourselves, who swings gallantly over the walls we have built around ourselves. Who coaxes us out of our shell, who gives us security, who gives us courage.

Jules and Dylan have found this happiness in each other and yet even in their friendship there are feelings that are not so easily discussed.
A New Year's Eve drenched in wine remedies this: In the safety of storytelling, the two negotiate their hopes, fears, and desires.
With Beethoven and Josephine and Jo and Lewis by their side, Dylan and Jules explore themselves and the relationship they share.

A plea for trust in love that allows space for real fears,
a play that draws parallels across borders of space and time, a space of resonance for everyone inside and outside the play.

Director - Laura Ollech
Producer - Ina Habermann
Co-Producer/Stage Design - Leonie Overwien
PR/Make-Up/Costumes - Tinka Albracht
Movement Director - Vanessa Basilio de Luca
Music - Clara Clasen
Text - Elisabeth Lewerenz

Dylan - Clara Clasen
Jules - Marvin Goddon


a retrospect on...

past projects

"Loud and Queer"
November 2020

An evening about queerness. With a potpourri of diverse contributions, we remember the queer past, talk about the present and imagine the future. Because: queer people have always made history. And they will continue to do so. Loud and queer.
With: Lisa Pohlers, Theresa Junkermann, Clara Clasen, Elisabeth Lewerenz, Esther Takats and Vanessa Basilio de Luca.